What Are The Top Bathroom Design Mistakes You Need To Avoid

what-are-the-top-bathroom-design-mistakes-you-need-to-avoid-image-1Because it is the most important part of a house, the bathroom is not something that you scrimp on, unless if you want your bathroom to look cheap and embarrassing to your guests. You can never go wrong with a great bathroom design, but when it comes designing your bathroom, there are some things you need to consider, including your personal color preferences, lifestyle, room size, and budget.

Your bathroom design should go well with the rest of your house. However, in the process of choosing a design, some people commit a mistake. Actually, in this article, we’re going to give a list of the common mistakes that people make when doing their bathroom design.

Mistake 1- A Bathroom With No View

Bathroom experts recommend situating your bathrooms along the outside walls with great ventilation and windows to let the air and light in. There’s nothing worse than to have a bathroom that is damp dark.

Mistake 2- A Bathroom In Plain Sight Across The Couch

Place your bathroom across your living is awkward even when you only think about it. Every time someone opens, everyone will see what’s inside your bathroom. But it’s not just from across the couch that you need to avoid putting your bathroom in. Your bathroom should be some distance away from the public areas of your house like the dining area.

Mistake 3 – Making The Toilet The Main Attraction

A basic bathroom is composed of two areas: a washing area and the toilet. Unfortunately, there are some homeowners that make the toilet the main attraction or the first thing that greets users. A good bathroom design should separate the sink, the toilet and the bathroom; however, sometimes this isn’t possible with the space available. If space is an issue for you, then at the very least do NOT make the toilet the main attraction.

Mistake 4 – Making It Too Big

While most people believe that big bathrooms are great, the truth is that bigger isn’t always better. You could have the biggest bathroom in the world but if the design is horrible, all that space will just go to waste. On the other hand, even if you only have a small space, but if it is well-designed, you definitely have a winner.

Mistake 5 – Not Using The Best Material

A bathroom is really only as good as the materials you use to make it with. That said, never scrimp on the materials. If granite is required, then go for granite. Of course, you should source your materials from wholesalers to save on money.

When it comes to designing your bathroom, you have two choices, either you do it yourself or you have a professional do it for you. Whatever path you choose to take, however, make sure you take the time in choosing the design to make your bathroom a pleasant place to stay in.

There are many websites out there that are dedicated to bathroom designs. You can get inspirations for the design from there.