Tips for Learning Mandarin in Singapore

Mandarin is one of the highly used languages, not only in Singapore but in the whole world as well. this is because of the population of Chinese people all
over the world. There is definitely no question regarding the benefits of learning this Language both for leisure and business purposes. You get to meet
and interact with more people and you open up more horizons for business opportunities. If you are learning Mandarin in Singapore or if you plan to learn
Mandarin Singapore, here are some tips that you need to keep in my mind.

Tip 1: Don’t Rely Solely on Your Teacher


Your teacher is considered your main tool for learning but this does not mean that she should be your only tool. There are many other tools that you can
use such as reading materials that you can find in libraries and in the internet. If you really want to learn fast, then you will need to go the extra mile
by reading in advanced. The World Wide Web has brought us so many opportunities to learn. You can even watch Mandarin Language Tutorial Videos online.

Tip 2: Practice

It’s very important that you apply what you learn. That is the only way in which you can familiarize yourself with Mandarin. Just like a child born and
raised in a Mandarin speaking country, he learns the language as he grows speaking it with his family and friends. If you use Mandarin terms frequently,
you learn them by heart. And learning by heart is always better than learning by mind.

Tip 3: Download Interactive Software

Because of the advancement of technology, everyone with a smart phone, tablet or computer is now eligible to download applications that cater to
interactive learning. Some applications, like Anki, are for free while the really good ones require a payment.

Tip 4: Be Aware of Tones

Mandarin is a tonal language. This means that there are the same words that have different meanings because of the tone. The only way for you to be truly
aware of this is to use audio-based programs. Supplement your reading by listening to Mandarin words. Listen and then imitate. If possible, record your
voice so you can listen and compare. You can use simple devices to do this such as your phone or a recorder to do this. Don’t forget to let your teacher
listen to your recordings as well. You can start with simple words, progress to phrases and then eventually move to longer sentences or even paragraphs.

Tip 5: Exposure

Expose yourself to a crowd that frequently speaks Mandarin. If you do this often, you will slowly find yourself speaking fluently in Mandarin. This
practice also makes you more active in the language and you will learn words and tones that you won’t learn in school. It’s considered as learning by
example or doing.

These 5 tips for learning Mandarin in Singapore are golden! Keep them in mind as you go through your Mandarin course and you will be able to finish with flying