Bail Bondsman: Understanding the Basics

If you have been wondering what is a bail bondsman, here is an answer for you. Also known as a bond agent, a bondsman is an independent individual or company representative that presents a surety bond to the court of law in order to allow the release of a defendant who would instead be held in jail awaiting trial.

One is never truly and rightly prepared for unexpected emergencies and contingencies: that late in the night telephone call from a scared and frantic friend or family member trying to explain how they were arrested, shaken up and taken to lockup. Your very first thoughts must be of how can you help get him or her released from lockdown jail as fast as possible. A Bronx bail bondsman from is always the quickest,fastest and easiest route to raise bail for your family member or friend.

How the bondsman works

Once a bondsman is contacted by the arrested defendant, he or she will request for some relevant information such as the defendants name, the charge against the defendant, the bond amount, what jail the defendant is in and his or her social security number. The bondsman may also ask for the citation number if a citation was given. From the information given, the bondsman will make a decision on whether or not to handle the case.

If the bondsman agrees to take the case, he will meet up with a friend or relative to the defendant and explain the type and terms of bond. They will both sign a contract which ensures the defendant appears in court for all trials. After the contract is signed and the cosigner has paid the required figure, the bondsman presents the bond paperwork to the holding facility to issue the release of the defendant.

Benefits of using the bail bondsman

The bondsman, unlike most people that find themselves in jail has knowledge and experience regarding the procedure. Using a bondsman services ensures that all your paperwork is quickly handled and you are out of jail within a short period. Also, in cases where the defendant does not have enough money to post for the required bail, a bondsman will ensure it is paid in full or you are released as you find the money to pay up the bond. A bondsman keeps your mind cool and at ease and works to get the best out of your situation. Using a bondsman also ensures privacy in situations where defendants do not want to get their bank or family members involved or aware of their situation.

Nevertheless, there are a number of misconceptions concerning bondsmen. Some see their services as being highly expensive but the truth is that the amount they charge is usually worth their effort and effectiveness in ensuring the defendant is released. Those seeking out their services also need to make some important considerations before contracting them. Always keep in mind that a bondsman has the power to revoke bail bond and therefore the defendant needs to be able to adhere by all the agreements made.